Links to Useful Programs – Electricity, electronics and more

In this section I am going to list a series of useful programs for electricity and electronics. Programs that will help us to create schematics, simulate, make calculations, graph curves, also some design tools.

LT Spice – Design and simulation of schematics

This program is very useful for creating electrical and electronic circuits, doing point of operation analysis in direct current, transient analysis and much more.

It’s the program we’re going to use to simulate some circuit on this page, so I made an article for this page showing how to install and create a simple circuit using this program.

Go to LT Spice Download Page

Go to LT Spice article – Setup and first circuit

WPLSoft – PLC Delta Series DVP

One of the official software for programming Delta brand PLCs.

Maybe it’s hard to find this program, so I’m going to leave direct links taken from the official website, if they stop working please leave a comment so I look for new links.

Delta PLC Software Download Page

WPL Soft (direct link from Delta)


This program is an OpenSource alternative to MatLab software for performing calculations, graphing functions, programming algorithms, and more.

Scilab – Download Page

Blender – 3D Design

With this OpenSource tool you can make 3D models and animations.

In figure 1 we see the 3D scale model of a stanco electric cabinet I made using Blender.

render of model 3d of electric cabinet stanco made in blender, model 3d electricity industry
Fig. 1: 3D model of stanco electric cabinet made in Blender.

Blender – Download Page

Foo Plot – Web to graph mathematical functions

With this website we can graph functions without installing a program, it is quite simple to use and you can graph several functions at once.

Foo Plot – Schematic design

A simple OpenSource solution for creating quick diagrams and exporting to various formats.


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